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Siamese Love: Love your other you

Love your other you. Respect it and try to give it a chance. We all have another side to ourselves that maybe we don’t like as much. But it’s there, it exists, and we have to understand it and respect it. Because we’re not perfect. That’s the magic of all of this. Those little things that make us different and special – although we usually try and hide them out of fear – are what make us unique. Being a Fiera isn’t easy. It means loving your most treasured side and your hidden side, and being proud of them both. Because together they make up the Fiera you are. And that’s what makes you one of a kind. 


Siamese Love is a mini collection made up of two micro capsules.

Our first micro capsule is a kids knitwear collection made up of two sweaters and one pair of pants and our second capsule is for adults, featuring the same prints from the kids capsule on T-shirts. The capsule will also have a baby bodysuit for 6 to 9 month olds so the whole family can wear the look. Saying that our main focus is alway on our littlest Fieras, which is why our knitwear collection is focused on them. 


The Siamese Love capsule collection is born out of the message of loving your other you, embracing it and respecting it.