Imagination Healers #StaySafe


Onirical Fiera Capsule Collection

Behind the Onirical Fiera Capsule

Onirical Fiera is a glimpse inside a Fiera’s mind. A representation of what a Fiera can imagine. A world where there are no limits, not of time nor space, and where any creature you can imagine lives. What we want to represent in this flash collection is that people’s imagination and hope are endless. 

We’ve created this new mini collection using our favourite knit technique – jacquard weave – and with the fantastical illustrations of our favourite artist – Sophia Pega. Together with Sophia, we wanted to imagine an endless menagerie of creatures and we had such fun doing it! We wanted the colour palette to be fun and dreamlike, at once lively and calming because the images and symbols are already so powerful. 

The animation and music created by Boris Findell is also a tool for us to better transmit our message. It is a collection for little Fieras but for us adults it also transports us to the video games of our youth. We loved the concept and the idea of connecting a kids clothing collection to the memories and experiences of our older Fieras.