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International Women’s Day


Fiera Wild World is a business launched and run by women with the aim of encouraging kids to be who they want to be. This International Women’s Day we asked our team what it meant to be a part of an all female team, and what International Women’s Day means to them.


Núria Martí – Founder

I’m Núria Martí and I’m the founder of Fiera Wild World. I’ve always been restless and when there are things that move me I need to make them happen. I founded Fiera Wild World to add a sprinkle of humour to the lives of our littlest Fieras, of our little fighters, who have to face our complicated and sometimes cruel society every day. 

 This project was born a year ago, just 4 weeks before the pandemic. I could have stopped everything, but I’m brave, I like challenges and I like to achieve what I set out to and see that dreams really can come true. But dreams can only come true if you have a good team around you.

Apart from everyone who has supported me, I wanted to have the best women that I’d met along the way. There was no doubt in my mind that the brand image had a name, and that was Sophia Pega. Her sensitivity, her exquisite work, her personality, she is a great artist and there was no stopping the beautiful ideas that came out of her mind.

I also needed a brand voice with a lot of experience. Having Lorna Turnbull as our communicator is a true luxury, her professionalism and her know how, her capacity for communicating just the right way and her experience makes her a fundamental part of Fiera.

Olga Magdaleno, the little wild one who takes care of everything from suppliers to sales. She’s the best sales person I’ve ever worked with by a mile. She brings positive energy, tenacity and is 100% behind the project, and brings out the same in me. She’s fantastic and I’m so happy to be working with her again.

MAMA! Montse Casanova who, apart from everything she’s given me in life so far, apart from putting up with me and supporting me unconditionally and helping with everything, also hand knits beautiful small pieces for the next collection and I’m over the moon she’s part of Fiera.

And the little one, the great little Júlia, our model from the very first day. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with her. She always has a smile, lighting up her face. She’s like an icon for us, not only for her image, but also for all the magic she brings to each project. Thank you, to all of you. And to all the other women who help Fiera every day and make us, together, an unstoppable force. Because it shouldn’t have to be such a challenge for women, but it continues to be so. Happy International Women’s Day. 


Sophia Pega – Illustrator

I’m Sophia, the illustrator behind the graphics of Fiera’s collection.

I’ve been part of the team since the very beginning, when Nuria decided, coming back from our summer holidays, that she was going to drop everything and start this beautiful project she was dreaming of, and asked me to join her for the journey.
Season after season we have been imagining together FWW’s worlds and stories, having fun making up monsters and thinking about positive messages to transmit to the kids, connecting through our ideas and inventions.

All I can say for a day like this is that working along with strong women that are also unconditional friends is truly a blessing. Stay always close to your girls.


Lorna Turnbull – Marketing & Communications

My name is Lorna Turnbull and I look after all the marketing and communications for Fiera Wild World. I love being a part of an all-woman team here at Fiera and I’m constantly in awe of the endless creativity and drive of the Fiera Wild World founder Núria Martí and illustrator and collaborator Sophia Pega.

I love Fiera’s message of ‘Be who you want to be’. As women we see, hear and read so many ideas and opinions on how we should behave, how we should look, how we should live our lives. I certainly feel that pressure to look a certain way and reach certain milestones, but I would love to see a world where we can truly celebrate every woman for being who they want to be, fulfilling their aims, their ambitions, their truth.


Olga Magdaleno – Sales Manager

My name is Olga and I’m in charge of taking what we dream up on paper and making it a reality! In other words, I’m the Sales Manager for Fiera Wild World.

I’m the kind of person who can never still still and my mind never stops! When Núria asked me to be a part of this great new brand I didn’t hesitate. It wasn’t just because of the creativity, hard work and excitement, and the potential, but also for the team behind the brand. We are, in capital letters, Fiera Woman World!

Transparency, fun, quality, sensitivity, learning and local are some of the characteristics that define us and make Fiera WW possible. The bravest act is to say what you think out loud. We are unstoppable! And we’re changing things we can’t accept!



I like it when they tell me I’ll be with Núria taking photos and videos. I have a great time with her and feel happy.

I really like trying on all the new clothes she makes and and one day I’d like to do it with her too.