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Fiera Origins

The Origins capsule is a sneak peek of what will be our first full collection in Summer 2021. We don’t believe in rushing, we want to take our time, to get to know our Fieras and what they like. We believe in slow fashion, in clothes that last longer than six month trends. We believe in having a wardrobe full of beautiful, well-made clothes and knowing how to wear them, how to style them, so you want to wear them again and again.


At Fiera Wild Word we manufacture locally and in small batches. We work with high quality, natural materials which enables us to offer superior garments, made to last. We believe in buying responsibly, caring less about how many clothes we have in our wardrobes and appreciating and enjoying the pieces we have.


Through our collections at Fiera Wild World we want to rediscover the value that clothes had before fast fashion came into our lives. Knitwear often had a special kind of magic; handmade by our Grandmas they weren’t just items of clothing, they were clothes made with love. Our Origins collection aims to emulate these special pieces, passed down through generations. Each item is carefully made with a knit inspired by our favourite handmade pieces. The result is priceless; a beautiful, high quality, highly durable garment. Each piece is timeless, unisex and designed so every Fiera can easily dress themselves. 


Our Origins capsule is a small glimpse into the full Origins collection which will focus on local manufacture and longevity, a philosophy we will carry through to our Winter 2021 collection.