Imagination Healers #StaySafe


A Fiera Christmas Tale


They say that a smile is one of the most beautiful things about a person, that it is the symbol of happiness, most of all when we see it on the faces of the smallest Fieras in the house. 



A smile infuses us with energy and vitality. With a smile everything is easier; making friends, falling in love, asking for a big hug… This all brings us to 2020, when there was a global catastrophe that took away everyone’s smiles, young and old. It seems that there was an invisible virus, a silent monster that escaped from a cage and scattered all over the world. This virus went up your nose, or in your eyes or mouths, and it didn’t care who you were, or what you looked like, it took all your energy for itself and made lots of people very ill, some people even died. 



There were thousands of stories of people who had seen it, or who had felt it enter their bodies but the truth is it was the most silent monster that had ever existed. The doctors decided, because you couldn’t even see the virus, that the best thing to do was to cover your nose and mouth with a mask, a type of cloth cut into a rectangle that protected your face but hid every smile in the world. 


So what happened? People crossed each other in the street and sometimes didn’t even recognise each other. Children had to keep their distance from each other, and adults too so they didn’t take the monster from one place to another. People were sad, they couldn’t play, dance, hug or get to know one another, but there was a restless creature that lived in a faraway village in the mountains. It was a kind of person with a zebra’s head and combined all the traits that were missing in the world at that time. A strong, brave, curious and fearless creature. Fiera, they called her and she was known for her experiments in her dream laboratory. No one knew exactly what she did in there but they did know she was a great scientist.



Every day she went out for a walk with her mask on and waved at the neighbours who recognised her. Then one day she didn’t go out, and she didn’t go out for the next three days. The people in the village were worried, they thought the silent monster had eaten her. 


It was the 25th December and four days had gone by since the crazy Fiera had last been seen. Then, early that morning, they heard a huge explosion and when they went to see what had happened they realised the whole village was inundated with purple rivers and waterfalls! And there she was, the Fiera, the crazy Fiera, who had ran out of the lab shouting that she’d found it! She had it! She’d found the formula to kill the silent monster so everyone could have the best Christmas present ever; hugs and smiles. She had invented Monster Milk! A drink with super powers to fight the baddest of bad guys and spread some happiness that everyone was missing so much. That year for Christmas the world was painted purple, and the sky, which was filled with stars that the monster had taken, shone so brightly it turned night to day. And that’s how, somehow days became brighter and the world got their smile back.



Happy Christmas from Fiera Wild World!